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ZsuZsanna Donnell

art bio
ZsuZsanna Donnell was born in Oxford, England to Hungarian parents and now resides in the US with her husband Tom.
It’s not surprising that art is a part of her life as her uncle is a prominent Hungarian artist. ZsuZsanna’s affinity and inspiration for art comes from an adventurous spirit combined with her love of travel, architecture, nature, sometimes even the turbulent storms we encounter in our journey. Enjoying a spontaneou
s approach to her art style, the results of acrylics/mixed media are vibrant and expressive.











art statement

When creating my art, I feel as though I am part of the painting, so hands on that I am immersed in it in such a way that actually feels like sculpting. The process of layering, taking away, scratching, the use of palate knives, forks, string are all part of the creation. It gives it more dimension and contrast to accentuate the surface. My use of color has been a strong element in my paintings. I use meditation as a guide before I start to paint. Typically, I’m drawn to a certain color palette and continue to follow the subtle urges of how the painting will evolve through the movement of color. It’s a dance of sorts with not so orchestrated shapes as the painting emerges.  Then again, once in awhile it’s just simple and pure.

ZsuZsanna says “Art is about discovery, and following that to wherever the process may lead”.

Award winning artist ZsuZsanna has been featured in ARTSCOPE Magazine, ARTIST PORTFOLIO Magazine, Boston Globe, Cambridge Art Association, Sowa Boston, Lowell Arts League, The Brush Gallery, Newburyport Art Association, OMPHALOS  10 (Nine Point Publishing) along with many juried Exhibitions, galleries and awards.

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 Commissions are enthusiastically welcome.

Donnell exhibits her work in many different venues, which started from her studio in Boston. Now in various Galleries, group shows to hospitals, businesses, not limited to one source, mostly in Annapolis, MD, New England and Florida.


Her paintings are in Private Collections,

Businesses and Corporate Clients, throughout the

.USA, Amsterdam, Canada and Hungary

REPRESENTED by Paula Estey Gallery (PEG)  Newburyport, MA
REPRESENTED by  Jo Fleming Contemporary Art, Annapolis, MD
REPRESENTED by Local By Design, Annapolis, MD

ZsuZsanna Donnell

Abstract Contemporary Artist  - Acrylic/Mixed media



ZsuZsanna Donnell ABSTRACT PAINTING & Much MORE 

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