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Bridges we cross

Bridges by ZsuZsanna Donnell

Our love affair with bridges, we cross them everyday and at times we are stuck waiting at them. Perhaps it's a drawbridge, along a blue stretch as far as the eye can see...this actually could be a delightful wait. As you imagine your toes dipping into the warmth of silkiness, once you get off your ship.

Right about now I conjured up ideas of cruising, or a lazy day drifting along on a sailboat, as you dock on some shore to start your experience.

The truth of the matter is far from the color tinted story here, it's more about conflicts that we have in life and how we bridge them together.

Also if you look closely the Zakim Bridge appears...that even got me sitting up for another view.

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ZsuZsanna Donnell

Abstract Contemporary Artist  - Acrylic/Mixed media



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